The SkillsGuru Training Platform Helps Accredited Training Service Providers Become The Best They Can Be!

SkillsGuru Training Platform

Engage Learners & Public

It's a Website

Course shopping cart, Learner & ETD Practitioner Forums, Latest News, Student, Staff & Technical Support Zones and more... A powerful education themed website to customise with your own content and layout. You get a professional website for your college and if you already have one, it becomes a training portal on your existing site. Easily customize it with a front-end editor - no web-development skills required!

Powerful Online Learning

The LMS Module

Create your own E-learning or Blended courses or let GuruWeb do this for you with our powerful LMS. Setup assessment quizzes for automatic grading, use a variety of ways to display your content from text and graphics to video and audio. Learner data is captured in your database with powerful analytic and reporting functions. Automate communications with your learners and let your LMS do all the hard work.

Quality Assured Training

The QMS Module

Your Quality Management System is the key to setting and maintaining high standards in your training operations. Our QMS is ISO 9001:2015 certification ready and comes with 48 forms and procedures to empower your staff to do their best. Easy to manage online document management and workflows ensure your QMS data is captured in your database with powerful analytical and reporting functions.

Your ATR & WSP Made Easy

The HRD Module

With the HRD Module you can capture and manage all your employee data required by your SETA's Management Information System for Annual Training Reports & Workplace Skills Plans & applying for Discretionary Grants. Have all your training data at your fingertips when it's time to submit your ATR and WSP and apply for grants. Easily customize to your SETA data specifications. Your SDF will never be happier!

Take a look at our Demo

Want to see what your SkillsGuru Training Platform will look like? Click the link below to visit the demo site. The demo is a template that we will customize with your own content, images and branding to create your unique training platform.

SkillsGuru Subscription Pricing

Limited Launch Offer - Starting August 2017

The first 100 Subscribers to the SkillsGuru Training Platform receive a 50% discount for the first 2 years!
Save R14 400 by subscribing now!

This never to be repeated offer is only valid for the first 100 early-bird subscribers to one of the SkillsGuru Training Platform options. Subscribe now and save! Prices indicated below are the discounted prices and will be revised once the first 100 subscribers have signed up.

Early-bird Subscribers to date
Discounted Subscriptions Remaining
Estimated months before offer is fully subscribed!
Self Help
R399 /Month
  • Customize and maintain your SkillsGuru Training Platform yourself (web development and database skills required)
  • Up to 100 Students
  • No Technical Support
  • QMS | LMS | HRD Modules included
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 3GB Disk Space
  • 10 Email Accounts



R899 /Month
  • We customize (once-off) and maintain your SkillsGuru Platform including software updates and regular backups
  • 201 - 500 Students
  • Full Technical Support
  • QMS | LMS | HRD Modules included
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10GB Disk Space
  • 50 Email Accounts


What Our Clients Say About SkillsGuru

  • The GuruWeb skills development system is really easy to setup and customise. At Umgano we don’t have an IT department or personnel yet with basic computer skills we can manage our platform. It has changed the way we manage our training and a huge advantage is how much it has reduced our operating costs.

    Zweli Baleni
    Zweli Baleni
    CEO | Umgano Training Academy
  • It’s hard to believe that we coped before subscribing to the GuruWeb skills development system. Our training administration has been reduced by about 60% and we have started setting up our E-learning courses and offering blended learning which has cut our training implementation costs even further.

    Nthabiseng Moche
    Nthabiseng Moche
    Managing Director | Green Skills Academy
  • Since joining the GuruWeb ETD Practitioner Forum, training providers now approach me on a regular basis.

    Jeanette Stewart
    Jeanette Stewart
    Freelance ETD Practitioner
  • Outsourcing professional freelance ETD Practitioners has become a breeze on the GuruWeb ETD Practitioner Forum.

    Fikile Khiva
    Fikile Khiva
    Managing Director | Kamva Capital

Frequently Asked Questions

What if we already have a website?

The SkillsGuru platform then becomes a training portal on your existing website.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to have an IT department or expert to help us customise our platform?

No, the SkillsGuru platform comes with an easy-to-use front-end editor & loads of tutorial videos to help you along. You can also choose the Customization add-on and we'll do it for you.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can the SkillsGuru platform export learner data for upload of learner results to the NLRD and is this data compatible with my SETA's Learner Load Specifications?

The SkillsGuru platform is compatible with some of the SETA MIS systems. Not all SETA's are willing to provide Learner Load Specifications to a third party such as GuruWeb. If you (as a provider) can obtain these specifications and provide them to us, we will customize your platform to meet these specifications.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SkillsGuru Training Platform work with QCTO qualifications?

The SkillsGuru platform is compatible with both QCTO qualifications and legacy qualifications that are SETA Quality Assured.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions